And this is mah (supposedly) last entry

Life goes on. People grow up. I gotta grow up.

This year has been an adventure to me. Things happened. Felt more alive than ever.

However, since this summer is goddamn important, a lot of pressure is expected. It’s just impossible to focus on my goals if I keep letting distractions get in my way like I’ve always been doing. I’ve already experienced the consequences this year. And it hurts. Badly.

Life is a series of decisions. Good decisions make a successful life. Bad ones make you an idiot. I’ve been an idiot for too long and this just has to end. Right now.

Time is running out. Just can’t let it pass uselessly.

Hah, big mouth yet don’t know if I’ve got enough determination.

Well… gotta try right?

To make it short, I’m not gonna pay any attention to this page anymore. Nobody seems to care about it anyway.

So, that’s it. Sayonara amigas :)


2 Responses to “And this is mah (supposedly) last entry”

  1. Dương Nguyễn Anh Luân Says:

    When you intend to give up something, just spend a little duration of time thinking (carefully). But, it’s up to you so DO WHAT YOU WANT. (Just my point of view. Don’t need to care about it much)

  2. mastermasturbate Says:

    remember to master masturbation

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