Download Counter-Strike 1.6 non-steam v23b hoặc v40.1 + half-life

Không có gì khó kiếm, quan trọng là phải biết chỗ mà kiếm :D

Counter-Strike 1.6

CS 1.6

Link của H[a]cklove bên

CS 1.6 + patch V23B (patch good nhất). Tuy là protocol 47 nhưng chơi rất tốt trên server Cyzone và một số server hỗ trợ cả 47 lẫn 48: 1.6 full + patch23B.part1.rar 1.6 full + patch23B.part2.rar 1.6 full + patch23B.part3.rar 1.6 full + patch23B.part4.rar 1.6 full + patch23B.part5.rar 1.6 full + patch23B.part6.rar

Còn đây là bản của DigitalZone, HearTneT đăng cũng trên cyzone (bản này có luôn Half-Life 1 đi kèm):

– Release 16.08.2009
– Newest NonSteam version
– Latest engine update ( Apr 13 2009 build 4554)
– Protocol 48
– Playable on LAN and Internet
– Half-Life (Singleplayer & Multiplayer) included
– Compatible with sXe Injected
– NonSteam ServerBrowser included (thousands of NonSteam servers)
– Steam Account/CD-Key NOT required
– No more Invalid CD-Key errors
– Latest revEmu (v9.78 RC2)
– Working Dedicated and Listen server (Steam & NonSteam can join)
– Works with Vista/Windows 7 (might need to be installed and played with “run as Administrator”)
– Nice installer
– Autoupdater, never have to worry about updates again

Clean rip from original files with these exceptions:
– Ingame ads removed
– Added latest CZ bots modified for CS (the best ones available!)
– Added waypoints for bots and few maps
– Replaced original weapon names with their real names (ex. CV-47 to AK-47)
– Tuned up default config

– Fixed MSCOMCTL.OCX error
– Fixed “Path/File access error” on Vista
– Removed unnecessary files
– Pre-updated to autoupdater version 1.03

Version 1.03 Features:
– Updated Setti MasterServer IP
– Removed ads with a better method, thanks Wendigo10
– Bots are way cleaner now, thanks baosen

I get “STEAM validation rejected” -error when joining some servers.
The server is not cracked.

Favorites don’t work.
There is no solution right now. It’s a problem with revEmu. When it gets fixed the update will be passed to everyone through autoupdater.

Game is asking for CD-Key at start on other profiles (legacy info; shouldn’t happen anymore).
Click the cd-key.reg in the folder where you installed CS.

“The Server is using an older protocol (47) than your client (48).” error when joining a server.
The server is outdated.

I get this error: “5899 Metadata file missing or damaged [-1].”
Replace the contents of counter-strike.bat with THIS. If that does not work, try replacing it with THIS. If neither works, there is probably something wrong with your graphics card.

NonSteam MasterServer by Setti CS:S servers :
revEmu by REVOLUTiON :


Enjoy this fine release by DiGiTALZONE !

Click here to download

P/s: Đang xài bản digitalzone, lúc tạo server bắn với bot thì văng ra, ko hiểu tại sao. Vẫn chưa khắc phục được =.=
Update: Xài bình thường rồi, mỗi tội ko bookmark server được =.=


5 Responses to “Download Counter-Strike 1.6 non-steam v23b hoặc v40.1 + half-life”

  1. Góc tâm hồn Says:

    Thanks, cảm ơn nhiều

  2. LouC Says:

    Thanks bạn rất nhiều

  3. masturbate-master Says:

    eo hieu the nao tao chay half life ko dc. Cu bat len la no tu dong tat, ko thay bao loi j ca. Dao nay toan ban cs cho do ba^’n =))

  4. thanhnhan483 Says:

    ko chơi được thì thủ râm sống qua ngày đi, bố cóc quan tâm =))

  5. TWoS | MB > Di0$ PYN Says:

    Link CS 1.6 + patch V23B die r` bạn ơi, mong bạn KT lại

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