Expression Crew – Marionette Show

(copy từ wikipedia) Marionette is a 90-minutes non-verbal breakdancing performance, created and performed by a South Korean breakdancing group Expression. The name Marionette comes from the French word marionette, a type of puppet moved by using strings. Like the name suggest, the show Marionette features the performers imitating and dancing as a puppeteer and his puppets.

International Success

Marionette was first performed in South Korea, early 2006, at Korean Lotte Theme Park. When it was first premiered, it brought international attention. Many countries invited Expression to perform Marionette, and Expression soon began a world Marionette tour. This international success also brought people’s attention within Korea. The fact that the movie file of the Marionette was available for a free download in Expression’s website, and the fact Lee Woo Sung put the movie of Marionette at the famous site YouTube also helped to spread the word around both within and outside South Korea.

Remake as a Stage Show

Later 2006, Expression re-worked Marionette into a 90-minutes stage show with the same name and same themes. The musical enjoyed the explosive success that the original Marionette received. and This show re-performing At seoul from 2007. I went to that show and I was trilled to bits.

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One Response to “Expression Crew – Marionette Show”

  1. VergiL Says:

    bạn có link download full showcase 90 phút không bạn?

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